About Storydancing

In Storydancing, we use Nordic myths, dance, movement, creativity and visualizations to increase our self-awareness and gain insight into how we can break old patterns that don’t serve us any more. In Storydancing we even go further than that – not only looking at our relationship to ourselves and our loved ones, but also our relationship with nature.

Myths tell about human life. When we mirror our life in the myth, we gain insight into what the next step is in our and society’s development. By using motion, dance and meditative visualizations to express the myth, we go deeper and get away from the “mind” and into the “body”. Thus, we have the opportunity to get some completely new and deeper insights into ourselves than the repetitive beliefs that our “mind” offers. Or from Albert Einstein’s words: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” By using narratives and movement, we break the usual frameworks and open up the contact with our creative impulses, where the solutions “come to us” like lightning from a clear sky.