Company Events

Let the dancing do the work – feel the flow of energy, freedom and pure joy!

Open your body, mind and soul to new and undiscovered levels – feel and unlock your own powerful creativity
with Storydancing.

Whether you need a mindful start in the morning, an event to ‘wake up’ body and soul in the afternoon or an energy-booster in the evening – Storydancing with Icelandic/Danish storyteller Hanna Snorradóttir can provide you with a unique experience.

Through Storydancing, you will learn to let go of »business as usual« and think out of the box through exercises and visualizations that you can easily integrate in your busy life at home.

In Storydancing you combine storytelling of the Nordic Myth – The Tree of Life, and relate it to your own life through movement and visualization.

The Tree of Life is the symbol of our inner balance. During the Storydancing event, we seek to find this inner balance in order to find joy and gain more energy.