About Hanna Snorradóttir

Hanna is an Icelandic storyteller, story-dancer, coach and environmental engineer

Hanna has 9 years of experience of working with executives, teams and employees to gain more harmony and balance in their work-life. 
“I worked internationally as environmental engineer in COWI A/S, whereafter I took a U-turn and got educated as a storyteller and performing artist. After 9 years of working with clients from companies who suffer from stress, doing leadership training and facilitating strategyprocesses, I now work with the transformative concept Storydancing. In Storydancing, teams within companies gain more insight into themselves and their organization through Nordic Mythology, visualizations, movement and sharings.  
People have found wisdom and comfort in the myths of their land through millennia. Tribal people have danced their myths at transitions in life and the changing of seasons and modern people have indirectly reflected their own life in mythology through theatre, opera and literature, inspired by these myths. So why not use these stories in companies, which people use a great deal of their time and energy in? These stories have carried both societies and individuals through sour and sweet, and have been the supporting elements of the people’s creative communities. In fact, myths have been the first form of self-development, in that people have been able to mirror their own lives in the myths and have secured cohesion in society.
When using mythology in companies I adapt the stories and content to the needs of the group – so that everybody feels comfortable and seen in the proces. 
As a teacher, my participants describe me as being passionate, present, trustworthy and empathetic. I love watching my teams gain deep insights into their work-life and open up a room where a magical transformation can take place.”