Harmonic living
by Storydancing

Creating Environmental Consciousness through Storytelling of Nordic Myths, Movement and Visualization

  • Are you tired of personal development that is only aimed at you and your personal gain – and not for the benefit of the society around you, e.g. regarding environmental change?
  • Do you long to bring about deep transformations in your own life for the common good?
  • Do you wish to live more from the heart and go for your dreams, at the same time that you are considerate about future generations?

Most people know how they´d like to live their lives and what would do them and their community good. How come we often don´t do the things that would benefit both future generations and ourselves? How come we keep on feeling ‘powerless’ – thinking that we are only a drop in the ocean – and leave things to the politicians, instead of taking responsibility for our part in bringing about environmental change?

In my view, knowledge is good – but not enough. We know that far too well concerning weight loss, for example. The key to real and lasting change lies in the intersection between emotional work and gaining knowledge about ourselves and ways to sustainable living.

On my workshops and retreats, you experience deep transformations, get in touch with your creative impulse and dance yourself emotionally free by working with the wisdom of Nordic mythology through movement, coaching exercises and visualization.

Through working with the Nordic myths, you mirror your own and your community’s life in the story, in order to gain insight and strength to take action.
On my retreats, we live according to the seasonal changes. Thus, the workshops change character just like the leaves on the trees, according to the seasons.

Step into a magical universe and sense what is calling you into action right now. Re-connect with your vitality and sensuality. Get in touch with your essence and inner light – for the common good.

Company Events:

Let the dancing do the work – feel the flow of energy, freedom and pure joy!

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“Absolutely wonderful, loving and true teacher. I love that I could feel your passion for what you convey. You signal nature, roughness, strength and power”.

Hanne Brosbøl, Yoga and Mindfulness teacher


Get the courage to pursue your dreams. I help you through emotional techniques, creative exercises and coaching.

Let go of what doesn´t serve you anymore, find home in your heart and feel calmer.

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